When Jimmy Magee was stumped by a question about Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is the only man to have that clean-sweep of All-Ireland Football medals.


In last week’s Southern Star, Sports Editor Kieran McCarthy had an interview with the great Jimmy Magee.

The legendary memory man revealed that he has a special grá for Cork and its rich sporting tradition. When pushed by the interviewer, Jimmy revealed that Jimmy Barry-Murphy was his favourite Cork sports person of all time.

But despite his encyclopedic knowledge of all things to do with Cork sport, the extraordinarily personable Magee was once stumped by a question on a Cork sportsman. It’s not often he’s caught, mind you, and this is going back a few years.

Back in 1990 a sports quiz show ‘Know Your Sport’ had a hugely successful run on RTE television, hosted by Jimmy. Larry Tompkins was a special guest on one programme and, as was usual, the guest put a question to Jimmy. ‘What player (Cork was the clue) won minor, junior, U21 and senior All-Ireland football medals.’

West Cork GAA people know of course that it was Skibbereen’s Anthony Davis who has this unique record. Jimmy made a stab at Brian Murphy and Martin Doherty, but they had mixed their codes.

Anthony Davis went on to win an All-Ireland Club Senior Football Championship with O’Donovan Rossa in 1993 and he’s still the only man to have that clean-sweep of All-Ireland medals in the bag.

Store that one away, Jimmy, it’s bound to come up again!

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