Lusitania propeller in Dallas

The Lusitania propeller in the sculpture garden of the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.


While most followers of the Lusitania story are aware that one of the propellors of the Lusitania is located in the Maritime Museum in Liverpool, it will be something of a surprise to hear that a second is located in Dallas, Texas.

In that city the Hilton Anatole has made way for one of its biggest guests ever: a 15-ton bronze propeller from the RMS Lusitania.

Anatole owner Harlan Crow had the 106-year-old propeller moved in June to the hotel, where guests and the public can view the piece of history on permanent display in the hotel’s sculpture garden.

The fourth propeller was at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation in Menlo Park, California, until it was acquired by Crow, a Dallas developer.

‘As a long-time student of history, I have found the sinking of the Lusitania an important and fascinating episode of WWI,’ Crow said. ‘A number of years ago, I learned that a friend of mine, a collector of antique military vehicles (in California), had come into possession of one of the four propellers. I told my friend that should he ever want to part with this propeller, I would like to have it.’

Some time later, Crow was notified of his friend’s death and was able to acquire the propeller from his estate.

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