Adults passing on naggins of whiskey to Bandon teens

AN APPEAL to witnesses to immediately report to Gardaí any adult they see purchase alcohol from a premises and hand over to underage persons was made by Cllr Rose Holland and fully supported at the June meeting of Bandon Town Council.


Cllr Rose Holland
Cllr Rose Holland
‘It’s bad enough that 15- and 16-year-olds are getting their hands on alcohol but for the same to be happening to 13- and 14-year-olds is a disgrace. However, it’s happening’, said Cllr Holland.


Mayor Gillian Coughlan spoke in support as did Cllr Seán O’Donovan, who also said it was unacceptable for a local business to issue flyers selling two cases of beer for €25. Such a situation could only lead to violence and disorder and he believed there had to be some regulation.

Cllr Holland added that she wasn’t talking so much about lager but rather naggins of spirits being passed on to teenagers, which she described as very frightening.

Cllr Gearoid Buckley said new legislation was on the way to deal with low cost selling of alcoholic drinks. He agreed with the mayor of the need for an alcohol awareness programme for young people and suggested this could be organised by the town council in conjunction with interested bodies similar to that arranged previously by Cllr O’Donovan in which a UCC doctor gave an excellent presentation to an open meeting of Bandon Joint Policing Committee (JPC).

The event, which he suggested take place in the autumn, could also serve to highlight what is on offer for young people in Bandon, Cllr Buckley added.

Bandon had an excellent officer in the Bandon Community Drugs Initiative (Julie Cummins) based at the town hall, said Cllr Holland, while Cllr Deirdre Lane said the input of the community garda would also be important.

On the suggestion of Cllr Coughlan, it was agreed to refer the matter to the JPC. It was also agreed to discuss the impact of casual trading on rate-paying businesses and the problem of litter at the next meeting.

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